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At LA APEX Accelerator, we serve 54 of the 64 Louisiana parishes, helping small businesses secure government contracts at the state and federal levels.

If you have a legitimate Louisiana-based business, there is no charge for our services. You will be assigned a counselor who is committed to helping you.

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Make it Happen

AT LA APEX Accelerator, we're here to help you secure government contracts with confidence and ease. But we can also help your business with other services that will help you get contracts: marketing, certifications, and more.

And we have a track record of success. Since our office was established in 1989, our LA APEX Accelerator clients have received over $8.6 billion in Government contract awards.

Louisiana Apex Accelerator

Linking Business and Government

The LA Apex Accelerator provides specialized and professional procurement technical assistance to Louisiana businesses who are activelyLA APEX logo seeking and/or performing on contracts and subcontracts with the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal, state and local governments.

Our work with both small and large businesses gives the LA Apex Accelerator the opportunity to make a difference in the economy of Louisiana. Being able to work one on one with the companies, to assist them in marketing to government agencies, preparing proposals, and resolving problems/issues that arise in the contracting process, keeps our counselors energized and excited.

As a result of assistance provided by the LA Apex Accelerator, our clients have received more than $8.6 billion in government contract awards since LA Apex  Accelerator was founded.

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