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The following are contracting assistance services and steps provided to clients by LA Apex Accelerator counselors:


Any contractor wishing to receive Federal government contracts must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database. This registrations is completely free of charge and LA Apex Accelerator counselors are available to help with this registration.

Socio-Economic Certifications

LA Apex Accelerator counselors can assist you in determining which socio-economic classifications you may fall under (can be more than one) and can assist you with the required application process. 

Bid Matching

Once your search profile in set up in the database, you will begin to receive a daily bid lead email which will list all the open bid opportunities matching your search criteria. It is your responsibility to review the list daily and determine if there are any open bids you would like to submit a bid/proposal on.

Bid/Proposal Preparation and Submittal

LA Apex Accelerator counselors will assist you with bid preparation by way of reviewing bids/proposals to ensure that you have completed all required documents correctly and have addressed each issue spelled out in the solicitation.

Provision/Clause Interpretation

Government contracts contain many provisions (which apply to solicitations) and clauses (which apply to the resulting contract). Some provisions/clauses are in full text and others are incorporated by reference.  Some require the bidder/offeror to fill in information and others are read only. LA Apex Accelerator will assist you to interpret and understand the provisions/clauses.

Contract Award

LA Apex Accelerator counselors will assist you with issues that arise once you receive a contract. Issues can vary from contract to contract and include interpretation of contract requirements, helping with invoicing and payment issues, etc.


LA Apex Accelerator will assist you with bidding opportunities as a subcontractor to a large prime contractor. We teach you where to look for open bids that contain possible subcontracting opportunities.


LA ApexAccelerator counselors will teach you how to determine which markets you should focus on. We provide a sample elevator speech and help you compose a one-page capability statement to use when meeting with a government purchasing agent. We also provide lists of points of contact for Federal and state buying agencies as well as prime contractors within the state.